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The Thing Around Your Neck - Five Years of My Life - Umpteen Pockets - The Silence Seeker

The Thing Around Your Neck
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

(Fourth Estate £12.99)

From the Orange Prize-winning author of Half of a Yellow Sun comes this volume of 12 powerful short stories.

Five Years of My Life
Murat Kurnaz

(Palgrave £9.99)

As the US still maintains the prison at Guantanamo Bay and its Afghan copy at Bagram airbase, Murat Kurnaz tells his story - five years of injustice inside what is now Barack Obama's prison.

Umpteen Pockets
Adrian Mitchell

(Orchard £14.99)

A beautiful collection of children's poems by the late Adrian Mitchell.

The Silence Seeker
Ben Morley and Carl Pearce

(Tamarind £5.99)

Joe mishears that his new neighbours are "silence seekers". He decides to help one young asylum seeker find a quiet place in the city.