Five things for December

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World Press Photo - District 9 - Hurt Locker - Miners' Tapes - Ashmolean Museum

World Press Photo 2009
Southbank Centre, until 13 December

This year's annual competition for press photography received 96,268 entries from 5,508 photojournalists in 124 countries. This exhibition features 196 of the best press photos of the year, and it's free to get in.

District 9
DVD, out 28 December

Pete Jackson's latest science fiction film about aliens stranded in South Africa and the scapegoating they face is a commentary on civil liberties and racism.

While there have been debates over the controversial role of Nigerians in an otherwise near-exclusively white cast, this film opens an important debate about prejudice and capitalism.

The Hurt Locker
DVD, out 28 December

Perhaps the most popular film about the Iraq war to date, The Hurt Locker tells the story of a bomb disposal unit. The scornful soldiers count down the days until they are able to end their tour of duty, all filmed on four hand-held cameras.

The Miners' Campaign Tapes
DVD, out now

The arguments for solidarity with the 1984 Miners' Strike are brought back to life on this DVD of independent short films from the time. Media manipulation, police brutality, the role of miners' wives and the necessity of the strike are all covered.

Ashmolean Museum

The oldest public museum in the world has had a £61 million renovation, and now it's reopened for all to see.

Instead of exhibits being organised purely chronologically or departmentally, the artefacts are linked thematically and stylistically, showing how cultural influences have permeated the globe through trade and migration.

The museum's new accessible reimagining aims to show that "high art" is not purely for the cultural elite.