New in paperback and children's books

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The Group - Lost Causes - I and I - Girls are not Chicks

The Group by Mary McCarthy (Virago £7.99)

Now repackaged as a Sex in the City novel, this story of a group of independent women and their lives and loves in the 1930s caused a stir when it was originally published in 1963.

In Defense of Lost Causes by Slavoj Zižek (Verso £12.99)

In this combative new paperback, radical academic Slavoj Zižek argues the case for revolutionary terror and the dictatorship of the proletariat.

I and I by Tony Medina (Lee & Low £12.99)

This illustrated biography of Bob Marley shows the influences that brought his work to a truly international audience. Written for young readers, and in rhyme, it takes you on a visual trip through Marley's Jamaica.

Girls are not Chicks Coloring Book by Julie Novak (PM Press £7.99)

A strike against gender stereotypes for children, this colouring book offers a series of illustrations reinforcing positive images of women.