Haiti's burden of debt

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Haiti's debt by numbers

•$35 billion Approximate equivalent in today's currency of Haiti's bill to France for its "lost" colony

•$750 million Haiti's debt in 1986, when the US-backed Duvaliers fell

•$900 million The Duvalier fortune that remains frozen in a Swiss bank

•$321 million The cost of servicing Haiti's debt between 1995 and 2001

•$11 million The amount by which interest on debt exceeded foreign aid to Haiti in a single year (2003)

•$1.9 billion Haiti's debt when the US gave $1.2 billion in relief (June 2009)

•$1,051 million Haiti's debt today, 80 percent held by the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank

•$100 million Projected annual debt repayments for the next ten years

•5 years Period World Bank has suspended repayments

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Haiti's burden of debt

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