Blatantly Bonkers Claims

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The Sun newspaper, champion of balanced reporting (and Tory cheerleader since owner Rupert Murdoch threw his lot in with David Cameron) hit out at the "Blatantly Biased against Conservatives" BBC last month.

The Sun's "exclusive" exposed that Basil Brush, the puppet fox, has been deployed in an attack on the Tories: "BBC2's Basil Brush Show featured nasty 'Dave' [in a school election] complete with blue rosette. He beat nice Rosie, with a purple rosette, by promising free ice cream but was arrested because it was out of date." Can a fox be blamed for fearing a Tory victory?

The finest revelation was that the BBC "tried to make Mr Cameron look a laughing stock by putting out footage of him checking his hair in the wind before making a serious statement on Northern Ireland". But the conspiracy is wider than even the Sun realises - the footage was taken by Murdoch's very own Sky News.