Five things to get or see this month

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East End - Repo Men - Edward Upward - In the Land of the Free - Rage against the Machine

East End Film Festival
Various cinemas, London, 22-30 April

This festival features lots of interesting films, new and from the archive, including SUS, written by Barrie Keefe (The Long Good Friday) and based on a true story. SUS refers to the law that allowed police to stop and search on suspicion alone, and led to a generation of young black men being targeted.

The film takes place in a police interview room on the night Margaret Thatcher came to power. Delroy (Clint Dyer) is being questioned by two racist cops about his pregnant wife, who has been found dead in a pool of blood. He protests his innocence. The film will be followed by a panel and discussion with cast, crew and guests including Doreen Lawrence.

Repo Men
Film, 23 April

Jude Law and Forest Whitaker star in this dystopian science fiction thriller. In the future anyone can pay for mechanical organs and body parts to replace those that have failed or simply aren't good enough. But keep up with the hefty repayments, or the repo men might visit with their scalpels. Looks like an interesting, and timely, commentary on the US healthcare industry.

Edward Upward

When writer Edward Upward died last year, at the age of 105, we lost the last living link with a unique generation of left wing and Marxist writers. Many obituaries bemoaned the fact that his trilogy The Spiral Ascent was long out of print. Now a new website, set up by one of Upward's grandsons, has just been launched.

Here, alongside a chronology and biography of his life, are files of The Spiral Ascent to be printed as PDF files or read on e-readers.

In the Land of the Free
Out now

This documentary is the story of Herman Wallace, Albert Woodfox and Robert King, otherwise known as the Angola 3.

Black Panther members, they were thrown into solitary confinement in a Louisiana state penitentiary 37 years ago. Wallace and Woodfox are still behind bars, and this film, narrated by Samuel L Jackson, tells the story of their incarceration.

Revolution in the Head
Rage Against the Machine, DVD, £12.99

The band famous for linking rock music with revolutionary politics has released a DVD looking at the role of protest music, from the War of Independence to Public Enemy. And no Simon Cowell in sight.