Your freedom - to be ignored!

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Your Freedom, a new Downing Street website through which people can suggest ways in which civil liberties can be restored and unnecessary laws scrapped, was launched by Nick Clegg in July.

Members of the public log on, write about a law they want to scrap, and then other users vote on the idea. "The deputy prime minister launched Your Freedom giving people the opportunity to suggest ideas on restoring liberties that have been lost, repealing unnecessary laws and excessive regulation," the link explains.

So, in the spirit of the "new democracy", I'm sure the Con-Dems have already noted that the most popular suggestion on the website is for the decriminalisation of cannabis and are drawing up the legislation already. Only a cynic would suggest that this will go the same way as the Downing Street petition website, which was roundly ignored by Tony Blair after 1.8 million people signed a petition to scrap road pricing.