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Red April - Zeitoun - Memory Cage - I am a Bird

Red April
Santiago Roncagliolo, Atlantic, £7.99

Detective novel set in the aftermath of the defeat of the Shining Path guerrillas in Peru.

Dave Eggers, Penguin, £8.99

When hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans, Zeitoun, a local painter and decorator, decides to remain in the city. This is a gripping and sensitive novel about a defining moment in recent US history.

The Memory Cage
Ruth Eastham, Scholastic, £5.99

Book for older children about a grandad with memory loss and secrets from the war in Bosnia.

I Am a Bird
Shilpi Pratap, Suryatra Communication, £4.99

A delightful book about discovering nature through a fantasy adventure story of a child. A bilingual book for young children written in both Hindi and English.