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The Obama Syndrome
Tariq Ali
(Verso, £7.99)

This edition of Tariq Ali's deeply critical analysis of President Obama includes new material on the Tea Party and the aftermath of the mid-term elections.

The New Old World
Perry Anderson
(Verso, £14.99)

With the EU looking to be in an increasingly perilous condition, Perry Anderson takes a long look at the history of the Union.

Body Work
Sarah Paretsky
(Hodder & Stoughton, £6.99)

VI Warshawski is back, this time investigating a traumatised Iraq war veteran who has killed a woman outside a club.

Who Were the First People?
Phil Roxbee Cox
(Usborne, £4.99)

Did the earliest people hunt dinosuars? Did they live in caves? This book for children aged over 5 answers these questions and more.