Politics in flux

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I live in what used to be a safe Tory parliamentary seat (North East Cambridgeshire), but it’s highly likely that Ukip will win the seat in next May’s general election.

The outcome of the general election is hard to predict, but some on the left have suggested it could be similar to that of the October 1974 general election which resulted in a very slim Labour majority.

Ukip could win around a dozen seats, including North East Cambridgeshire, Boston and Skegness, Great Grimsby, Folkestone and Dover, Great Yarmouth, and Thurrock.

One of Lenin’s famous four conditions for a pre-revolutionary situation is that the ruling class is split.

The British ruling class is divided over Europe with Ukip and the bulk of Tory MPs wanting to leave the EU, and New Labour and the Lib Dems wanting to remain inside.

Could this be described as the precursor of a pre-revolutionary situation which could develop during the next parliament?

Finally, 70 percent of government cuts are yet to take place. Local government will be hit hard; for example, in the future 99 percent of libraries and museums are likely to be run by well-meaning volunteers, assuming they are not shut completely.

These cuts to local government mean that the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (Tusc) should stand as many candidates as possible in the May 2015 local council and parliamentary elections.

Is this something Socialist Review readers would encourage?