X hits the spot

Issue section: 

Thanks to the excellent coverage of issues around racism and black liberation over the last three months we have increased sales of Socialist Review in Edinburgh.

February’s front cover and headline on Malcolm X and the road to revolution inspired people to buy it. I sold two copies while campaigning with Tusc in Craigmillar. One was to a man who liked that we were making anti-racism a central part of our Tusc campaign. We also had a discussion about human nature and racism, how we can end racism, and the need for radical, revolutionary change; how we can get unity between black and white people, and how we must have an uncompromising stand against racism, creating unity in practice.

The other person was my neighbour, who is from Ghana. He was very impressed with our stance not just on defending Malcolm X but also on supporting genuine national liberation movements. He’s also voting Tusc and we had a discussion about reform and revolution and how to end colonialism, imperialism and racism. Both will buy Socialist Review again.

We also sold the magazine at workplaces such as colleges and universities where we were building for the Glasgow M21 Stand Up to Racism protest and the Edinburgh anti-Pegida demo. On the campuses we were able to use the Review to engage with people about Islamophobia and the roots of racism, the backlash after the Charlie Hebdo attack and where we go next in the fight against racism.

Ayesha Saleem, Tusc election candidate, Edinburgh East