Break up the EU club

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We were for a Yes vote in the Scottish referendum not because we believed that independence was inherently progressive but because it would break up the British imperialist state and weaken our ruling class.

We should apply the same principle to the question of EU membership.

A No vote will not just hurt our ruling class economically but will also weaken it politically.

British capital would continue to trade with the EU but the government would no longer have a say in the terms of that trade. As the UK government has been a major promoter of neoliberal policies within the EU this would be no bad thing.

The US would have to look for new allies in the EU and the UK’s much prized “special relationship” would be jeopardised.

There is also the possibility that a No vote would provoke another Scottish independence referendum.

A Brexit would weaken the EU as a whole, making it more difficult to impose austerity on recalcitrant states. It would boost our Greek comrades arguing for exit and strengthen the hand of the left across Europe.

We will have to argue for an anti-racist, internationalist and anti-austerity position no matter which side we are on because those leading both Yes and No campaigns will be arguing the opposite.

But a Yes vote will bring a sigh of relief from most of our rulers while a No vote rightly fills them with dread.

Steve Wilkins, Kent