Flaws come tumbling down

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In his intermittently fair review of my book Promised You a Miracle: UK80-82 (December SR) Kevin Devine suggested that I hadn’t included Paul Weller’s band the Style Council because their left wing politics didn’t fit with my argument that some pop musicians of the time turned into “secret Thatcherites”.

In fact, my book mentions quite a few left wing bands approvingly, such as the Pop Group and Gang of Four. I left out the Style Council because they did not form until 1983 — after the period my book covers.

Devine also suggested I should have written more about Denis Healey’s monetarism, the Social Contract, and the damage done to workers by the Callaghan government.

I agree these are all important subjects, and that’s why I covered them at length in my previous book about Britain in the 1970s, When The Lights Went Out (2009).