Get on board the Convoy to Calais

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Stand up to Racism is joining some of the biggest mass movements in Britain and major trade unions in a Convoy to Calais to show solidarity with refugees.

Both official EU referendum campaigns are using racism to whip up support and politicians all over Europe are scapegoating the powerless to avoid challenging the powerful.

It was a close call in Austria last month when a Nazi was nearly elected as head of state. Now more than ever we need a big response to the refugee crisis to counter the racist rhetoric across Europe trying to demonise and disenfranchise victims of war, oppression and poverty.

The campaign is calling on people to collect financial and material donations and to join the convoy themselves. This is a huge moving protest at the way governments across the continent are failing refugees. It is the time to come together and say: stop the scapegoating; solidarity with the refugees.

More info: #J18C2C