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1984 hits top spot
George Orwell’s classic book about a dystopian tyranny topped Amazon’s best-sellers chart shortly after members of the Trump administration started saying things like “Alternative facts” and, “Sometimes we disagree with the facts”.

A French Corbyn?
Across the Channel doom and gloom dominate in the run-up to the election in April as the two frontrunners are a homophobe and a fascist. Amid the bigotry, though, there could be a more left wing choice on offer. Benoit Hamon won the first round of voting to select the Socialist Party candidate. However, he is unlikely to overcome the bitterness felt towards his party after five years of austerity.
Deutschland votes
On 12 February there will be a presidential election in Germany. The current foreign minister is the favourite to win. In his role he has helped to deepen social division and considerably weakened the trade unions.