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UKIP unsure exactly how racist to be
A row erupted among Britain’s premier bigots after their defeat in the Stoke by election last month. Former leader Nigel Farage wanted current leader Paul Nuttall to boot out sole MP Douglas Carswell before he rejoins the Tories. Also, having been so anti-establishment for so long, Nigel was upset that he didn’t receive a knighthood. This is no time to stop organising against them, though. Farage has complained that UKIP wasn’t hardline enough over immigration.

A decade worse off
The Institute for Fiscal Studies has said that Britain is facing the “weakest growth in living standards in at least 60 years, with low income families faring the worst”. Incomes in 2021-22 are expected to be 18 percent lower than they were in 2007-8. More than one million children and 400,000 pensioners are set to fall into poverty.
Trump’s late visit
The invitation to Donald Trump to visit the UK looks to have been delayed until October. He hopes to avoid the embarrassment of MPs not welcoming him as parliament will be in recess. But he won’t escape protests that easily, whenever he comes.