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Chile heats up

There were huge demonstrations in Chile last month against the privatised pensions system. According to organisers 2 million people marched in cities across the country. Pension contributions are set to rise. Protesters want them replaced with a public social security system.

Landlord is untenable

A wealthy buy to let landlord has been attacked for a leaked letter that instructed agents acting on his behalf not to accept “coloured” tenants due to the smell of curry. Kent Wilson, who is estimated to have 1,000 properties worth £250 million, has also excluded zero-hours workers, “battered wives” and even plumbers. This behaviour is not a criminal offence.

Mass murder by air

The US-led bombing of Iraq and Syria got even bloodier last month. The number of casualties in March was greater than any previous single month. 200 people were killed in one bombing run, including 100 from one building alone. A US commander described the atrocities as an “unintentional accident of war”.