Trump's key policy promise falls

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A flagship promise of the Trump campaign was thrown into chaos last month. The American Health Care Act, known as “Trumpcare”, was pulled from the floor of the US House of Representatives at the end of March, having failed to win enough support from Republicans to pass.

Throughout the presidential election Trump had made attacks on the rising costs of Obamacare a central strand of his campaign, promising to repeal and replace it.

Trump supporter Kraig Moss gave up his business and home to follow the election campaign around the country. He played his guitar at 45 rallies and the media called him “the voice of unheard America”. Now he says, “I believed everything he said… Now I don’t believe he was true in his word when he was speaking. I think he was looking for votes, to be honest with you. It is not at all what Mr Trump promised everybody he was going to provide for us. And I feel that now. I feel hurt inside.”

Following on from repeated blocks on his Muslim ban by the judiciary, Trump’s administration is not finding things as easy as expected, given the size of the Republicans’ majority in both houses of the US senate.