Trans rights benefit everyone

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I agree completely with Sally Campbell’s argument with regard to transgender rights (September SR). However, the article needed a stronger last sentence.

It’s not just that “There is no evidence that trans rights will damage women; there is every evidence that lack of trans rights does damage trans people”. Lack of trans rights forces all of us into oppressive, restrictive gender roles. Anti-trans measures, like the bathroom laws in North Carolina, have increased the oppression of women and girls who are harassed as male because of their behaviour, clothing, or length of hair.

In short, anti-trans laws make all women less safe, and not only gender-nonconforming women. We are all forced to question whether we look “feminine” enough to avoid harassment.

As Sally argues, opposing trans rights reinforces the idea of “proper” gender roles that support capitalism, oppress women, and in real life do not fit most people. Rejecting restrictive gender norms is basic to the fight for women’s liberation.