Histories of Trotskyism

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In his excellent review of John Kelly’s Contemporary Trotskyism (June SR) Joseph Choonara quotes a couple of paragraphs from a document written by the distinguished historian Sam Farber in 1973.

Farber made a lot of very positive comments about the International Socialists (forerunners of the SWP). He also made some critical observations about various tendencies in the organisation (the role of women, internal democracy) which he thought, rightly or wrongly, might be storing up trouble for the future.

It is a fascinating piece, and I think of great value to SWP members who want to understand the history of their organisation. The full document, with a very useful introduction by John Rudge, can be found at grimanddim.org/tony-cliff-biography/sam-farber-and-is-the-1973-visit-and-beyond

Ian Birchall