Love Music Hate Racism

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Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) was founded in 2002, when the British National Party had begun to make electoral gains and even produced a CD aimed at increasing their support among young people.

LMHR held many successful festivals in the early 2000s. Tens of thousands of people attended the Victoria Park carnival in 2008 and at Stoke Britannia Stadium in 2009.

LMHR is responding to the new rise of the right by launching a fortnight of anti-racist content aimed at tackling the hate filled propaganda of the far right.

The #BeautifulResistance campaign will run between 8 and 22 March, coinciding with the UN Anti-Racism Day demonstrations on 16 March. The showpiece activity will involve video interviews of artists including Ed Sheeran, Dave, Rudimental, Mahalia and Ann Marie discussing the role music can play in combating racism.

During the last online impact campaign, in March 2017, #lovemusichateracism trended on social media and was picked up by music fans the world over. It is hoped that the #BeautifulResistance fortnight can create an even bigger impact.

The online video content will be complemented by venues across the UK putting up LMHR posters, projecting the logo and running campaign stalls during shows. There will be music events, assemblies, workshops and panels taking place in schools and colleges during the fortnight.

The artist content will be made available to educators later in the year, to form the basis of anti-racist teaching materials.

Far-right groups such as Generation Identity are targeting university campuses attempting to establish a younger base of activists in Britain. The aim of LMHR is to encourage the next generation of music fans and artists to put on their own LMHR events and build anti-racist networks within their communities.