Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-insides Remix Album

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Scottish-born, LA-based experimental pop producer SOPHIE turns over her groundbreaking debut album Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-insides to further transformation in this non-stop, club-ready remix album.

For the album’s release in 2018, SOPHIE shocked fans by appearing unobscured and singing to camera for the first time in the video “It’s Okay to Cry”. Previously altering or obscuring her image and singing in eerie high-pitched vocals, the video and song were a celebration of her coming out as a trans woman.

The rest of the album explores sometimes painful, sometimes joyous themes of gender and femininity, particularly “Faceshopping” and “Pony Boy”. As producer, she uses traditional pop structures and turns them on their head. Abrasive and uncooperative synthesisers compete with delicate flourishes and determined vocals: “I’m real when I shop my face”. The sprawling debut builds and releases tension by taking you into a visceral story of reclamation and self-determination.

The remix brings the album to new heights and wraps them in the sexuality and the euphoria of club culture. By plumbing the depths of the original material’s bizarre beauty SOPHIE’s collaborators deliver a truly wild ride taking the freedom of self-determined gender expression onto the dancefloor.