Swimming Lessons

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The Skints

The Skints’s sound combines punk, ska and reggae. Their recent tour promoting new album Swimming Lessons offered the audience a blast of emotions, whether they were jumping around to some songs, or swaying slowly to others.

They have made a name dealing with political issues. On the Short Change EP, “The Cost of Living is Killing Me” was an exploration of the deteriorating quality of life under a system intent on destroying the welfare state that Labour built.

For Swimming Lessons, the Skints team up with Protoje for “Restless”. The song talks of a scenario in Britain where people are on the streets demanding better from a system where a police officer can simply “choose to rob a mother of a son” without punishment.

The Skints fuse genres with thoughtful lyricism, which runs through every track on the latest album. One song is a fantastic mix of ragga and rock, the next a punk reggae tune.

Such a style could make for disharmonious listening, but the Skints pull it off, giving the album a sound that lets these genres co-exist in one sound.

This is a great new ska fusion album with a political edge.