Amanda Logan

Standing up room only

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Thousands of bus workers across London have been part of a defiant fight against the privatised bus companies.

The roots of the militancy can be traced back to November 2006 when Metroline drivers took on the employers and won after two days of strike action. It proved that drivers didn't need to be afraid of standing up to their employers. It was like a burst of fresh air that was long overdue.

Driving up profits

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I was interested to read Back On Track (Feature, Socialist Review, April 2008) about the effects of privatisation on public transport.

As a bus worker in London, I, and many others employed in the industry, have had first hand experience of these effects.

In 1993 London Transport was privatised and as a result about 20 private companies operate routes on behalf of Transport for London and London Buses. One aspect of this was a 20 percent fall in the wages of drivers and an increase of 20 percent in working hours.

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