Andy Brown

Mexico's Revolution

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James D Cockcroft

This book will teach you a lot about Mexico. In particular, it will teach you about decades of struggle and resistance by a diverse and courageous popular movement which has used the tactics of strikes, occupations, popular assemblies, hunger strikes, mobilisations and full-scale uprisings.

Indigenous Struggles: Excluded and Brutalised - But Not Silent


The remarkable victory of Evo Morales in the Bolivian presidential election has focused attention on the question of indigenous people's rights in Latin America, and their role in social and political struggles in the region.

As the first indigenous person to hold the office, Morales is seen as a representative of the majority Aymara and Quechua people, who have so long been marginalised, exploited and discriminated against. At the same time he is a union leader and a representative of the working class. The relationship between indigenous identity and class is a complex and diverse picture.


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