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Suite Française

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Suite Française centres on the relationships between French people and their German occupiers during the Nazi occupation of France from June 1940. The film is based on a novel written by Jewish author Irène Némirovsky. It was one of a series of five she planned to write, but was unable to complete, as she was taken from her hiding place in Paris in 1942 and eventually murdered in Auschwitz. Her daughters had the novel published in 2004 to international acclaim.


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Director: Kenneth Glenaan; Release date: 5 December

Summer is about three friends, Daz, Shaun and Katie, and the harsh reality of their lives.

Daz is dying from cirrhosis of the liver and is still drinking. Shaun is not only his best friend but his carer, Katie, Shaun's one-time girlfriend has become estranged from him and Daz.

The film has two main story lines. One is Shaun's quest to let Katie know their childhood friend is dying. The other is that Daz's death sentence leads Shaun to remember their childhood together and, in particular, the summer in which they were 16.

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