Anthony Hamilton


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This deeply moving coming of age film explores the life of an ordinary boy transformed by the world around him. Linklater uses the same actors over 12 years, allowing us to see the protagonist, Mason, literally grow up in front of our eyes. The character progression is seamless and going from junior school through to college, the sequence of events makes it hard not to feel like you have grown up alongside him.

Fruitvale Station

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Dir Ryan Coogler, Out 6 June

Fruitvale Station gives viewers a highly intense 85 minutes. It aims to shine a light on institutional racism and to direct an angry audience to question the role of the police.

We follow the true story of Oscar Grant III, a 22 year old black man and Bay Area resident in the final day of his life. Through vivid and powerful flashbacks we are told his story and shown the time he has spent in and out of jail, criminalised for the possession and sale of marijuana.

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