Anthony Killick

Secret City

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Directors Michael Chanan, Lee Salter,

Release date: out now

Following its premier in the UK parliament, Secret City, a new feature length documentary about the City of London and the corporation that runs it, was screened to a sell-out crowd of 150 people in The Watershed, Bristol. As a postgraduate student and member of the production team I have, over the past year, gained insight into the relationship between the theory surrounding the film and the practice involved in making it.

Bristol Radical Film Festival 2013

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Anthony Killick, one of the organisers of the Bristol Radical Film Festival (25 February - 3 March), writes about how the festival aims to promote politically engaged cinema

In 2012 the Bristol Radical Film Festival (BRFF) had a hugely successful debut year. Screening some of the most politically and socially engaged documentaries from around the world, the festival resulted from the collective efforts and resources of university lecturers, students, activist groups and charities within Bristol.

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