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Portrait of the Artist: Käthe Kollwitz

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Käthe Kollwitz was a leading German artist, whose work spanned the end of the 19th century and both World Wars.

Not as well known in Britain as her male contempories Otto Dix and George Grosz, she comes from the same socially critical tradition and her keen interest in politics is reflected in all her work.

In the exhibition powerful woodcuts and prints depict the realities of hunger, motherhood, death and bereavement and offer us an insight into the experience and struggle of working people during one of Germany’s most turbulent periods.

Playing to the Gallery

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Grayson Perry is known in the art world for his exhibitions of pots, tapestries and his alter ego Claire, who he uses to challenge assumptions about art, creativity, human experience and society. He first moved into the public eye in 2013 with his popularly acclaimed BBC4 Reith lectures. Delivered in typical Grayson style, done up to the nines, with outlandish hats, sequined eyes and a teddy bear called Mr Measles on his arm, they went down a storm, with audiences literally cheering. His book, Playing to the Gallery, based on these lectures, reveals why.

Manuscripts Don't Burn

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Manuscripts Don’t Burn

Director Mohammad Rasoulof, released 12 September
Dissident Iranian Mohammad Rasoulof’s Manuscripts Don’t Burn is a brave and brutal depiction of corruption, violence and state censorship in today’s Iran. He defied a 20-year work ban to make this chilling political thriller which he has been unable to officially show in Iran. It is more than an exposure of state repression – it’s personal.


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Director Spike Jonze, out now

Spike Jonze's new sci-fi comedy romance, Her, is set in a dreamy, sunshine filled, near future Los Angeles. Scientific advance has created a techno-perfect society where people are progressively becoming locked into their own virtual worlds.

The emotional landscape of the film is playfully introduced by the main character, Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) who works as a ghost writer for a company called "".


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Ralph Fiennes's modern film adaptation of Coriolanus is a masterstroke. One of Shakespeare's lesser known plays, Coriolanus has attracted attention from a surprising range of directors including Bertolt Brecht - and it's easy to see why. Class struggle, war, power and leadership are themes relevant to both Elizabethan and contemporary audiences.

The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman

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The British Museum until 19 February

The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman, Grayson Perry's new exhibition, is a combination of new works alongside selected pieces from all parts of the British Museum's collection. It is a celebration of decorative art and of all those makers, builders and unnamed individuals who have made beautiful objects throughout history.

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