Dan Berry

Tomorrow's Harvest

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Boards of Canada

Electronic hermits Boards of Canada are renowned for making hypnotic and addictive down tempo electronica and shunning the limelight. In the run up to the release of Tomorrow's Harvest, Warp Records devised an elaborate breadcrumb trail of hidden codes and a handful of mysterious promo vinyl dotted in music stores around the world.

Freedom of Speech

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Speech Debelle

UK hip hop (and its 130 beats per minute cousin grime) rarely gets the coverage or support it deserves. While many people know of Katy B, few know of the Brixton hip hop collective, The Illersapiens, she originally sang with.

Artists such as Ty, Jehst and Roots Manuva have been honing their craft for years with very little profile. Back in 2008 Estelle said in a Guardian interview there is "blindness to black talent" in the UK music industry. Plan B recently vented his frustration that "people are prejudiced towards hip hop".

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