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Africa 13: taster with a difference

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Rough Trade Shops Africa 13, out now on CD and mp3

Rough Trade Shops has released the perfect stocking-filler for newcomers to music from Africa with its Africa 13.

Seasoned fans will be familiar with some of the choices originally released in the UK on labels such as Crammed Discs, Awesome Tapes From Africa and Soundway.

Highlights include the hypnotic polyrhythms of Congo's Konono No. 1, the minimalist electro groove of the Owiny Sigoma Band and Staff Benda Bilili's dance-floor filler Osali Mabe.

Freedom for Palestine

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Activist and musician Dave Randall discusses his latest project supporting Palestine

The irony was probably lost in the Orwellian world inhabited by the BBC's directors. When a young rapper Mic Righteous delivered the line "I can say free Palestine" on the 1Xtra hip hop show M1X, the BBC censor proved him wrong. As if it were an expletive, "Palestine" was removed from the broadcast version and replaced with the sound of a bomb blast. The BBC has offered no credible explanation for this shameful act.

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