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Both Red and Beautiful

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Review of 'Krassivy', Freddy Anderson, Glasgow Caledonian University £7.99

Krassivy is a play about the Clydeside anti-war socialist John Maclean. It was written by the Glasgow-based, Irish-born poet and playwright Freddy Anderson in the 1960s. Freddy was a down to earth dreamer who lived on a council estate in the east end of Glasgow. The play was first performed by a community drama group at the Edinburgh Festival in 1979 to mark the centenary of John Maclean's birth.

A Tartan Gloss on Empire

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Jamie Rankin didn't appreciate Neil Davidson's critique of Scottish nationalism, arguing, 'It is as legitimate to feel that Scotland has been oppressed by England since 1296 as it is to believe that Ireland has been oppressed by England since Cromwell' (Letters, January SR).

Yet there is no historical evidence for equating Scotland with Ireland in the way that Jamie does.

At the start of the 18th century, Britain and France were locked in global combat - 'the divine right of kings versus the divine right of property'. Until 1707 it was not 'Britain' but capitalist England that fought feudal reaction. England sought union with Scotland to end Stuart intrigue and block any French invasion.


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