Despina Mavrou

Dancing to the wrong tune

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In recent times Islamophobia has started to creep into art and theatre, including pieces by artists who have previously produced progressive and pioneering work. This is part of a corrosive trend that has led to some mainstream liberal commentators to pander to anti-Muslim racism.

From the 1980s onwards Australian-born choreographer Lloyd Newson, with his physical theatre company DV8, has created groundbreaking work. He has challenged the boundaries of dance, both in form and in content, and made work that was both overtly political and artistically cutting-edge.


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Richard Bradbury, Muswell Press, £10

Frederick Douglass's name ought to have been on everyone's lips this past year (although it wasn't) in the celebrations of the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade. Douglass was a former slave who campaigned alongside mainly white abolitionists for the emancipation of all slaves.

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