Ghassan Makarem

A History of Modern Lebanon

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Fawwaz Traboulsi, Pluto Press, £16.99

As Lebanese historian Fawwaz Traboulsi writes in the introduction to his book, traditional accounts of Lebanon reduce the identity of the Lebanese to one unique form - their sectarian affiliation. Mainstream resources treat the struggles in the country as a series of tribal conflicts or as an earthly paradise for the extremely wealthy interrupted by "external intervention" and "fanatics".

Gay Rights: Who are the Real Enemies of Liberation?

The bigoted outburst by the magazine of the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association calling Islam a 'barmy doctrine' is the clearest example of the co-option of many in the gay liberation movement into the barmy doctrine of the clash of civilisations.

That homosexuals around the world face oppression on a daily basis is as true of the US and Europe as it is for those living in the Muslim world. Yet, some have chosen to shift the struggle into a racist argument against Islam.

Listening to Western activists speak about 'Islamofascism' and, in the same breath, justify holding the 2006 World Pride in occupied Jerusalem should be a clear indicator. The apartheid wall alone makes a mockery of the pride's slogan of 'Love Without Borders'.

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