Giorgos Pittas

Greece at a crossroads

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Socialist Review spoke to Giorgos Pittas, a journalist from the Greek socialist newspaper Workers' Solidarity, about the political situation in Greece following elections in May that saw a dramatic fall in support for parties backing austerity.

What was behind the collapse in support for Pasok and New Democracy, parties that have dominated Greek politics since the fall of the military junta in the mid-1970s, at the election in early May?

First is the scale of suffering. The rate of unemployment is now over 21 percent - it has doubled over the last two years. For young people unemployment is at 50 percent. There used to be hardly any homeless people in Athens, but this winter there were 25,000 living in the streets.

Letter from Greece

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Anger at the government's neoliberal policies and police brutality has electrified Greece, reports Giorgos Pittas.

Millions of workers took part in the 10 December general strike. The whole country was paralysed as people demonstrated in Athens and other cities against the right wing New Democracy government, shouting, "Down with the murderers."

On 6 December police killed 15 year old Alex Grigoropoulos in cold blood as he played with his friends in the Exarcheia neighbourhood of Athens. The police claimed a ricocheted bullet killed the kid. But witnesses claim that it was murder.

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