Hakima Aouragh

Trouble in Tangiers

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"The people demand the fall of the regime" now echoes through the streets of Morocco too. The movement against the Moroccan regime is growing. The army and the police are increasingly committing more resources in order to intimidate activists. For example, a demonstration called for 13 January was met with considerable police repression. This month marks the second anniversary of the 20 February Movement. Hakima Aouragh and Mo Achahbar spoke to activist Abdelilah Alilbit about the protests.

On 13 January, people took to the streets en masse demanding bread, freedom and social justice. An unprecedented number of police blocked all roads to the "Square of Change" in Tangiers (officially called Tifelt Square - activists have renamed it.).

Some leading figures from the 20 February Movement were arrested at their front doors with the police claiming that "the order came from high up". Nevertheless, activists still managed to stage sit-ins and playful protests at several locations around the city.

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