Jake Pace-Lawrie

Censored 2011

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Mickey Huff, Peter Phillips and Project Censored (eds), Seven Stories Press, £13.99

Censored 2011 highlights and summarises the top 25 news stories of 2009-10 that have been overshadowed or misrepresented in the US corporate media.

The researchers show the perverse logic of profit behind Barack Obama's record budget for the US Department of Defence - now "the worst polluter on the planet". This is a budget that contributes to the future securing of the resource-rich frozen Arctic Ocean while simultaneously accelerating the melting of that ocean, opening it for capture and exploitation.

Travellers under attack

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Travelling communities have suffered bigotry and attacks for centuries - frequently characterised as petty criminals, they are seen as a soft target whose culture and way of life are illegitimate. Jake Pace-Lawrie reports from Dale Farm, Essex, where Travellers are struggling against eviction.

It was early morning in Essex when men in high-visibility jackets surrounded the trailers of Hove Fields. The families woke to find a gang of bailiffs had descended on them, and they were soon presented with a notice ordering that they leave their homes.

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