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Jordan: a revolt renewed

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As Israel launched its assault on Gaza, the return of Jordan's popular movement demonstrated the continuing vitality of the Arab revolutions.

The hirak (movement) erupted in simultaneous demonstrations across major towns in the second week of November. The immediate demand was for the reversal of the royal decision to remove price subsidies on essential goods such as fuel. However, the demonstrations have broken through the bubble that had hitherto protected the Jordanian Hashemite monarchy.

Syria: between revolution and imperialism

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Both those who call for intervention and those who condemn the revolution in Syria are wrong. Jamie Allinson argues that Syrians can liberate themselves

On 23 February the self-appointed "Friends of Syria" met in Tunis to demand, in the words of Barack Obama, that "the international community...send a clear message to President Assad that it is time for a transition". Given that this group includes the US, UK and France, who have never rallied anyone to demand Israel's withdrawal from occupied Syrian territory, and Saudi Arabia, whose troops have enforced a bloody terror against the Bahraini revolution, Syrian activists might think that with friends like these they don't need enemies.

Client State

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Gavan McCormack, Verso, £17.99

Japan remains the world's second largest economy. Yet the country features little - either as a subject of debate or site of struggle - in the anti-capitalist and anti-war movements that have emerged in the past decade. Gavan McCormack's Client State: Japan in the American Embrace is a useful corrective to this trend.

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