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Tunisia: Revolution in the balance

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Fathi Chamkhi is a member of the Popular Front coalition, and Mokhtar Ben Hafsa is a school teacher and union activist. They spoke to Jaouhar Tonsy about the struggle for the Tunisian revolution.

The third anniversary of the Tunisian Revolution is marked by political gridlock and a crisis for the ruling Ennahda party, the Islamist government elected in the wake of the uprising. What form is this taking?

Ennahda has been weakened by waves of widespread protests and deep popular anger that have forced it into discussions with the other opposition parties over a future "non-political" government.

The Dawn of the Arab Uprisings

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Edited by: Bassam Haddad, Rosie Bsheer, Ziad Abu-Rish

The uprisings in the Arab world have fascinated ordinary people, as well as political scientists and academics across the world.

This collection of articles has been written by academics, journalists and activists from the Middle East on the online e-zine Jadaliyya (Jadaliyya means "dialectic" in Arabic). There is a wide range of essays with different styles covering events in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria.

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