John P Johnston

Bolshy Pensioners Need Respect

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Thank you, Hugh Lowe, (Letters, September SR) for your intelligent and informative insights into the pension debate.

You quite rightly point out how British pensioners have always been treated as second class citizens. Here I would like to give a few statistics in order to back up your views.

In 1908 when state pensions were first paid in Britain the amount paid was equivalent to 25 percent of the national average wage. This has been eroded over the years to 14.7 percent of the average wage. Put simply, this means that our society now values pensioners even less than 95 years ago.

Shrinking our Pensions to Maximise Their Profits

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The World Bank is one force behind the attacks on pensions

As a member of the pensioner youth wing - that is, 65 this year - I read The Walrus (June SR) with great interest. He is of course right in every aspect of the article.

To back him up in this I here quote directly from the World Bank website (

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