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Barcelona's hospital occupations

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Health workers in Barcelona have occupied their hospital in protest against cuts.
Jonathan Collier reports

Health workers at the Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona have been in occupation since 28 November.

The action at Sant Pau has been the catalyst for developing anti-cuts movements, involving neighbourhood and other activist groups, at hospitals throughout Catalunya. Occupations have sprung up at the region's biggest hospital, Vall d'Hebrón, and the Clínic Hospital.

Jose Carlos Mariategui: An Anthology

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Edited by Harry E Vanden and Marc Becker

At a time when, according to the editors of this book, "world capitalism is suffering one of its worst setbacks in a century" an anthology of the works of one of Latin America's most important socialist intellectuals is welcome.

José Carlos Mariátegui was Peru's foremost Marxist of the last hundred years, but remains relatively unknown to many on the left in Europe. When he was born, in 1894, Peru was riven by problems. The peasants, mostly made up of indigenous people, comprised four-fifths of the population.

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