Jonathan Dodds

Willie Doherty

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Matt's Gallery, Mile End, London

This new exhibition at Matt's Gallery in east London shows rarely exhibited photographs from artist Willie Doherty from between 1985 and 1992.

The work began in a period when the Irish Republican movement was entering into political negotiations with the British government over the future of Northern Ireland. The images offer us a glimpse into this process, contrasting the simple black and white photographs with short bites of text - "undercover", "unseen", "protecting", "invading" - creating tension for the viewer.


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Tate Britain

Migrations is an exhibition that demonstrates the profound effect migration has had in shaping the course of British art history, showing the changing styles, trends and mediums. Paintings, video and sculpture are placed side by side to give a broad vision of this history. One of the first images in the exhibition is An English Family at Tea (Joseph van Aken, circa 1720). The faces of the subjects stare vacantly - sitters in an age when art was commissioned by the rich, to be enjoyed by them alone.

The Messenger

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Director: Oren Moverman
Release date: 20 May

Images of war are all too common - portrayed endlessly through film and television - and often seek to enforce a clear ideology and propaganda message of good versus evil, and right versus wrong.

We very rarely see the other side: the soldiers who have survived injury and struggle to come to terms with their survival; or the families who are left to cope with the deaths of those who have died in action.

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