Mary Black

Ecology against Capitalism: Nuclear Reaction

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Mary Black and Andrew Stone attack New Labour's desire for a nuclear renaissance.

It was looking increasingly ominous. 'Government sources' were leaking that New Labour, having pursued a 'rule nothing out' policy on nuclear power for its first two terms, was intent on initiating a new reactor building programme immediately after the election. These rumours were strengthened when a confidential briefing note from Joan MacNaughton, the director general of energy policy at the Department of Trade and Industry, counselled urgent new nuclear build.

Environment: Another Wasted Opportunity

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'The government must no longer allow delays in developing a long term radioactive waste management strategy to be used as a pretext for deferring decisions on the future of nuclear power...

'To do so would seriously narrow the range of options open to the government in meeting their longer term energy and environmental goals. The small uncertainties associated with radioactive waste disposal that still exist must be balanced against the spectre of global warming: the consequences of not doing enough to limit greenhouse gas emissions may be catastrophic.'

Fascists: Blackburn Battling Back

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The British National Party (BNP) win in the Mill Hill ward council by-election in Blackburn has shocked and angered people.

A Blackburn Anti Nazi League (ANL) became active in the course of the election campaign, and a large and confident ANL rally on the Saturday after the election was the start of a sustained campaign to push back the BNP. The Fire Brigades Union acted quickly to produce a joint leaflet with the ANL.

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