Patrick Acureuil

Haiti - who are the real looters?

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After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the sinister private security company (PSC) Blackwater was hired to provide armed mercenaries with a licence to kill in order to protect stores and private residences.

Meanwhile the sick and elderly were dying in the streets. Now PSCs are queuing for contracts to "safeguard" incoming aid and what's left of Haiti's valuable stock.

Gunning for profits

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On 16 September 17 Iraqi civilians were killed by Blackwater contractors on a convoy escort operation.

This brought the name of this private security company (PSC) into international news. The incident was neither unexpected nor unique, but the ensuing debate certainly was. Even the US-controlled Iraqi government has demanded the termination of Blackwater's contract.

There are currently 861 "contractors" working in Iraq under Blackwater CEO and founder Erik Prince. Each is paid $1,222 per day to protect US diplomats and high ranking military personnel.

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