Paul Fredericks

No Gypsy Child of Mine

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Written by Caroline David

"Roll up, roll up, the Olympic circus is coming to town," begins this timely play based on real events, written by Caroline David and directed by Sita Ramamurthy. The circus analogy is used to great effect throughout the next 80 minutes.

Kirsty is the wistful young "Gypsy" traveller almost marooned between two worlds, the past and the present, settled or traveller, living on a site that is due to be "redeveloped" for the London 2012 Olympics.


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It seems that Mayor Ken Livingstone intends to continue his love-in with non-doms if re-elected in May (Feature, Socialist Review, March 2008).

This all fits very nicely with his plan to keep the City of London as the financial capital of the world by any means necessary.

The realities of this thinking mean that while finance capital is allowed to run wild, and London can boast the highest concentration of billionaires in Europe, office cleaners still earn little more than the minimum wage and neighbouring Tower Hamlets can "boast" that two thirds of its children live in poverty. I'm not sure the trickledown effect is working.

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