Paul Garraway

Rogue managers

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Charlie Kimber is right about how solid the postal workers' dispute has been (The Politics of the Post Strike, Socialist Review, November 2007).

However since the commencement of the ballot, not unsurprisingly, both the CWU leadership and management have been pushing the deal. Management even put a new letter on our frames offering us £350 on 14 December if the deal is ratified. Billy Hayes even sent out a pathetic "Please support us" postcard. Things must be desperate.

The Wildcats are Back

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The victorious postal strike has put unofficial action back on the agenda, writes Martin Smith. Postal workers describe their success.

'Your world has turned upside down, and if you strike it will turn upside down again.' So warned Royal Mail chairman Allan Leighton, shortly after post workers narrowly rejected a national strike ballot over pay. The post workers' world has not turned upside down - but Leighton's surely has. An unofficial strike by over 35,000 workers has produced one of the biggest victories the British trade union movement has seen in over 20 years.

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