Paul Jenkins

Nick Griffin Must Go!

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Paul Jenkins, UAF north west organiser

In May 2014 we will have an opportunity to put the final nail in the BNP's coffin. Its leader Nick Griffin will try and hang on to his seat in the European Parliament that he won with great fanfare in 2009.

We have a good chance to strip him of his seat as MEP representing the North West, but we have to work hard because he can use the Euro elections' proportional representation system to his advantage. It is worth noting that when Nick Griffin failed to win the North West MEP seat in 2004, his vote then was actually higher than when he won the same seat in 2009.

Pulling the Plug on the Nazis

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At the Marxism 2003 event anti-racist activist Asad Rehman talked, quite rightly, of the BNP's shift to focusing on northern England, largely as a result of the resistance the Nazis have faced every time they tried to rear their heads in east London.

There are a number of examples today that point to the possibility of the Nazis being faced down in the same way in the north.

In the Nazis' target area of the north west, the Barrow-in-Furness Anti Nazi League (ANL) campaign - stamping on the first sign of Nazi activity - led to what anti-fascist magazine Searchlight referred to as the biggest internal crisis within the BNP for years.

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