Petros Constantinou

Letter from Greece

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Petros Constantinou reports on how EU moves to isolate and confine migrants in buffer zones along the Greek/Turkey border are being resisted

Black lives matter, refugee lives matter! This is the cry from thousands in Greece, outraged by the escalation of racism by the neoliberal government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, with mass evictions of 11,000 recognised refugees, among them pregnant women and babies. Government measures have also taken away food allowances previously provided.

How we can reverse the racist agenda

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Greek anti-fascist and revolutionary socialist Petros Constantinou talked to Socialist Review about the Golden Dawn trial, the forest fires, and the prospects for anti-racists across Europe today.

The trial has been running for some time against the Nazi organisation Golden Dawn (GD). What are the outcomes so far and how much longer will the trial go on?

It started on 15 April 2015. It will probably last another year. There are three main cases: the murder of the musician Pavlos Fyssas in September 2013, the violent attack on Egyptian fishermen at their home when they were sleeping, and the attack on trade unionists of the Communist Party in Perama.

The resistable rise of Golden Dawn

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Socialist Review spoke to Petros Constantinou, an Athens councillor for the left wing Antarsya coalition and the national coordinator of the Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat (Keerfa) in Greece.

Where is Greece at the moment in terms of the rise of Golden Dawn and the anti-fascist movement?

After the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas on 18 September there was an explosion of anger against the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, and against the government that was giving it cover.

Letter from Greece

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The recent council elections in Greece saw a surge in support for anti-capitalist candidates, reports Petros Constantinou.

The success of Antarsya, the anti-capitalist electoral slate, in Athens was an important step forward for the left. It was a message sent by the thousands of militants who took part in the general strikes, in the revolt of December 2008, in the struggles of students and teachers, in the resistance against racist and fascist attacks in our neighbourhoods, and in the fight to defend our services against the cuts.

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