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Civil Service: The Going Rate

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After years of resentment over poverty pay the dam has finally burst in the civil service.

The strikes on 29 and 30 January were well supported in the Home Office and Department of Constitutional Affairs, which have no tradition of militancy. This was despite the decision of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) group executive to suspend action on the vague promise of talks over the new appraisal system which links pay directly to performance.

Civil Servants: A Very Uncivil Coup

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In the trade union equivalent of a right wing coup, Barry Reamsbottom and his 'moderate' cronies on the PCS union national executive (NEC) are attempting to sack the democratically elected general secretary, Mark Serwotka, and prevent the president, Janice Godrich, from carrying out her duties.

It is worth reminding ourselves of the events that led to Mark Serwotka being elected.

The 2000 PCS conference voted to hold an election for general secretary. This was endorsed both by the NEC and a ballot of all members. On a high poll the ballot recommendation was supported by 62,296 to 2,766. Reamsbottom, together with Blairite Hugh Lanning and Mark Serwotka, signalled their intention to stand. Unfortunately for Reamsbottom he failed to get the 50 branch nominations required to stand (he got a pathetic 19).

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