Ralph Darlington

The challenge for the unions

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One of the pillars of the Tory government's agenda is the Trade Union Bill. This is an ideological attack aimed primarily at the public sector, and it must be resisted, writes Ralph Darlington.

The Tories’ Trade Union Bill threatens the most sweeping and radical tightening of the rules on industrial action and trade union representation since the Thatcher era of the 1980s. The restrictive measures could potentially rebalance power in the workplace, reduce the capacity of unions to represent their members at work and undermine the basic right to strike.

Militant Years

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Alan Thornett

Given that insider accounts of workplace trade union and political struggles are few and far between Militant Years is to be welcomed. Alan Thornett provides a condensed and more accessible reworking of his previous books From Militancy to Marxism (1987) and Inside Cowley (1998). Combining autobiography within social, economic and political context, it relates the story of shop stewards' organisation in the Morris Motors (later British Leyland) car assembly plant in Cowley, Oxford, during the late 1960s through to its closure in the early 1980s.

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